What is the difference between the most successful hauling companies that are growing and the typical hauling company? The most successful companies have excellent processes that support their ability to provide excellent service to their customers. They have systems that keep details from falling through the cracks.

I regularly talk with aggregate hauling companies and have found that over 90% of them are still operating with mainly paper-based systems, and live with the challenges associated with this type of system. They typically have an accounting system like QuickBooks and may have a GPS system; but order management, scheduling, dispatching, vehicle maintenance, and driver DOT requirements are mainly manual and on paper. For owner-operators, this may be OK, but for larger companies, the paper processes will cause problems.

To help you determine how your processes stack up, we have created a DIY audit that you can take. Based on your answers, it will provide customized recommendations on how you might improve your hauling operations.

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