Do you use lease haulers or sub-contractors? How do you get them to sign your contract, and provide company and insurance information? If you do this like most companies, you are sending lots of emails back and forth, or mailing or faxing paper copies.

We realized this was a problem for many of our clients and had planned to eventually add this functionality to Dump Truck Dispatcher. However, it was low on the list of requests. Recently, we discovered a product, Hellocargo, that was for sale. So, we bought it.

Hellocargo handles carrier packet management entirely online. It lets you onboard your carriers, collect their documents, and sign a contract online. How much would it be worth to cut out all the back and forth you currently do to collect this information? How much effort would it save when you need to find this information for one of your sub-contractors. Wouldn’t it be great if all of this information was in one place?

I believe the prior owners underpriced the product at $20/month with no limit to the number of carriers. We are working on new pricing along with a few changes to Hellocargo. When those are done, the pricing will likely increase.

Visit and you’ll be able to walk through the onboarding process. We also offer a free 14-day free trial so you can see for yourself how easy it is to manage your carrier packets. If you sub-contract to multiple carriers, I suspect the trial will convince you it is worth the $0.66 per day invested into Hellocargo.

Check it out now before we raise the pricing.

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