Dump Truck Dispatcher Release 2.3

This weekend we’ll be deploying a new version of Dump Truck Dispatcher. There may be a few periods where the application won’t be available for a few minutes. Since we plan to deploy outside of normal business hours, you may not experience any unavailability.

This release is mainly focused on upgrading the frameworks to the latest versions provided by Microsoft for performance and security improvement.

We removed the ability to set custom colors because this was causing some conflicts with the default styles.

Dashboard Components

Several new components were added to the dashboard. With this addition, you’ll see the status of your trucks, licenses, and driver DOT requirements.

We also added a component to show your revenue per truck. This component takes into account the actual number of active trucks you had on each day.

The revenue graph and other calculations in the system were updated to take into account overridden totals.


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