Lease Hauler Request


This functionality allows you to send or add requests for lease haulers. Through these requests, the “lease haulers” can specify the “available” trucks which can then be scheduled on the order lines.

When you click on the “lease hauler requests” menu present under “lease hauler”, you will see a page as shown below:

Manage Lease Hauler Request

For sending the requests, click on the “send request” button. Once the “Request lease hauler” modal is displayed, you can enter the date, message, office, and the lease hauler.

                              Request Lease Hauler

Once the request is sent, if the lease hauler has a valid cell phone or email and the “receives truck requests” a checkbox is enabled for them on the “lease haulers” page. Then they will receive an SMS/email or both with a link and the message depending on their preference.

                              Link for Lease Hauler Request

When the lease hauler clicks on the link, they will be redirected to the “available trucks” form where they can enter the “available trucks”.

Lease Hauler Available Trucks

Once they have saved the “available trucks” on this form, you will be able to see the “available trucks” in the data table for the request that you had sent earlier.

Available Trucks Value Updated

Available" value is updated once the lease hauler has updated the value on the "available trucks" form

Once you enter the “approved” value and the lease hauler again opens the requested link that was sent earlier, they will be able to specify their trucks and drivers. Then those trucks will get added automatically on the schedule page.

If you do not want to send the requests, another way of managing the requests is by using the “add new” button. After clicking on the “add request” button, you will be able to add the request by entering the date, lease hauler, and “available” value can be updated by discussing with the lease haulers. No SMS/email is sent to lease haulers when this button is used. Once the approved value is added, you can enter the truck/driver details as well (if you have).

                                    Add Lease Hauler Request

Editing the Lease Hauler Request

Once you have added the lease hauler requests, you can modify them by clicking on the ellipsis (…) button and then selecting the edit option. This allows you to change the available/approved values.

Also, if you had not added the truck/driver information earlier while adding the requests, you can add it now using the edit lease hauler request modal. This also allows you to delete the already added trucks/drivers. However, checks will be done if the trucks are already scheduled on order lines and you are trying to delete them from the requests. Comments section shows the comments added by the lease haulers on the “truck status” form.

                            Edit Lease Hauler Request

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