Pay Statement Generation

You can create and view the detail for a pay statement using the menu option “Driver Pay” found under the back-office menu. Dump Truck Dispatchers can generate pay statements for both hourly and production-based pay. Before you can use this option, you must have the pay rates set up for any driver you want to generate a statement for.

The “Driver Pay Statements” view looks like the image below.

You can create a new pay statement by clicking the “Add Pay Statement” button at the top right.     

You will see an “Add Driver Pay Statement” dialog and will fill in the desired date range and check the appropriate options you want to be included.

                    Add driver pay statement dialog

Upon clicking “Save”, the pay statement will be generated, and an entry added to the “Driver Pay Statements List”. You will then be able to see and edit the pay statement items as shown below. If you have fewer columns in the list it is because you don't have production pay enabled. The below is showing an example of hourly pay for a company that also supports hourly pay.

Driver pay statement detail

You can view the results by clicking the “Print” option available on the ellipsis button menu.

Below is an example of the “Pay Statement” for an hourly driver.

                                  Printed Driver Pay Statement

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