Projects provide a means for grouping quotes related to a specific project.
A typical example would be a DOT project where multiple General Contractors may come to you for a quote for work related to the project.


Project List

The "Projects List" provides a means for viewing and searching for projects.
You can add a new project by clicking the "Add New" button.
You can edit the project by clicking the ellipsis button (...) and selecting the "Edit" option.
You can inactivate a project by clicking the ellipsis (...) and selecting the "Inactivate" option.

Project List

Add/Edit Project Form

The “Add or Edit Project Form” provides a means for adding projects. 
These projects can be used to readily add new orders. 
A note field is provided, and it is automatically filled with a default message (You can change it to your preference). 
In addition to providing basic information about the project, you can fill in pricing, specific to the project’s items which can be used to create quotes.

A single project may be used to create multiple quotes. 
If you have created quotes from a project, they will display at the bottom in the quotes section.
When a project is added, it is given a status of ‘Pending’. 
When a quote is created from a project, it is set to “Active”. 
When the project is complete and is no longer needed in the active project lest, it can be set to ‘Inactive’.

When you add a note, there is no need to type repetitive text. 
Instead, you add this repetitive text to your canned text definitions on the “Canned Text” view. 
Then put your cursor where you want the canned text inserted, press the “Canned Text” button, and select the desired canned text entry.

Add or Edit Project

Inactive Projects

Projects and any quotes associated with a project can be inactivated. 
When Inactivated the end date on the project and on all its quotes will be set to today and the project and quote will have their status set to inactive.
If the Inactive date is know when the project is created, it can be set when the project is created or it can be edited later.
If the value is set on the project, it will be defaulted into any new quotes based on the project.

Inactive Project

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