This is a minor release mainly aimed at improving the counter sales.

Add Job Screen

When adding a job in the last version, there was an additional designation of “Counter Sales”. We discovered that we could have used the “Material Only” designation for this same purpose. Using “Material Only” also allowed existing quotes to be used. The “Counter Sales” designation would have required some of you to have to edit your material only quotes, so we changed the behavior to directly use “Material Only.”

If you don’t have counter sales configured for your organization and for a specific user, this change should have no impact on you.

Some controls will be locked when a job is added from a quote and a line item is added from the quote.

Invoice List Screen

Added an Invoice number column and the ability to search by the invoice number. We also cache the search criteria for your session so that the next time you return to the invoice list in a work session, you don’t need to reset the criteria to their last values.

We added a new status of “Printed” so you can differentiate those that were emailed from those that were printed.

Ticket List Screen

Added a cache to remember the criteria for the current session.

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