Performance related

Replaced slimscroll and perfect-scrollbar libraries.

Broke out text messaging notification service.

Reduced number of characters that can be saved for numerous notes.

Updated Signal-R package to the latest production version.

Converted numerous synchronous calls into async calls.

Added security checks to various requests.

Client caching improvements.

Fixed issues with tokens failing for numerous calls being made by mobile devices.

Fixed error in track email if an invoice was emailed and then deleted prior to the check for status.

Fixed possible NullReferenceException in several locations.

Revised the Driver Activity Report to require a filter to be specified to prevent accidentally running the report for all data and hurting server performance.


Added a “Work order id” search control to maintenance work orders.

Changed the title for “DispatcherWeb” to “Dump Truck Dispatcher.”

Aligned controls on the load list when viewed at lower resolutions.

Added tax exempt status to the customer and to quotes. If it is set to true, this value will carry over to the order. If the order is tax exempt, tax won’t be calculated on the order.

PWA Driver App

The iOS security check for allowing push notifications was flakey, so we added a second check in the event the first check showed push notifications hadn’t been allowed. This should reduce the number of times drivers are prompted to allow push notifications.

RN Driver App

Changed the logic to check the security token locally prior to sending it to the server. If the token is invalid and needs to be refreshed, that is done before sending the new token.

Fixed incorrect load ids being sent to the server in some cases.

Reduced the number of calls being made to the server in a short period of time.

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By Joe Walling
This release includes a new portal that you can make available to you lease haulers (sub-contractors). It also includes some changes related to retail tax, adds an invoice flow, and fixes to reduce the occasional times that the app hangs for a minute.
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Release Notes 2.4.17 

By Rakibuzzaman Shafi
Release 2.4.17 includes various enhancements and fixes, such as specifying truck/trailer categories on quotes and orders, adding TruckCode token for SMS dispatches, validating date inputs for overflow errors, adding icons for truck scheduling, and improving ticket validation. Additionally, it introduces invoice changes, PWA driver app enhancements, performance improvements, and miscellaneous bug fixes.
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By Joe Walling
Release is a minor update. In addition to some code cleanup and performance improvements, the main changes were to support small customer requests and changes to improve the flow of the application.
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