Setting Up QuickBooks Desktop


QuickBooks Desktop Import Process

Before you use the invoicing and QuickBooks functionality, you must make sure it is configured properly. Below is a screenshot of the Invoice Settings.

This document assumes you have added your tickets and already created invoices based on the tickets. You can review your invoices and set them to “Ready for QuickBooks” using the menu as shown below. Or you can leave them as they were created in “Draft” status.

When you click the “Export” button on the “Invoices List” as shown below, all invoices that haven’t been exported yet will get exported into an “iif” file. You can tell which invoices haven’t been exported by the missing check in the “Exported” column. An invoice can only be exported once.

You can import this iif file into QuickBooks using the menu as shown in the below screenshot.

If there are issues with your setup you may see a dialog like the following. In this case, there were some issues related to the tax account setup.

Select the “Review Now” button and then select “Notepad”.

The errors will be displayed in “Notepad” as shown below. If you don’t understand what this is telling you, save the file and send it to me.

The below screenshot shows how the tax item configured in Dump Truck Dispatcher is missing in QuickBooks.

After correcting the issue, import the file you saved above that had the error message.

And see that it completes successfully as shown below.

If you have customers or products/services that aren’t already in QuickBooks, they will be created in QuickBooks for you.

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