Settings Overview


The “Settings” menu is under the “Administration” main menu item.

Administration Menu

The settings screen allows you to configure the application according to your requirements. All tabs in this view are arranged vertically, and by clicking on one of the tabs, you can navigate to the corresponding page.

General Settings

The settings view consists of the following Tabs. Click a link below to review the desired settings tab.

General: This tab allows you to set the general settings of your company.

Appearance: This tab allows you to upload your logo and custom CSS files.

User Management: This tab allows you to set Form-Based Registration features.

Security: This tab allows you to add additional security features.

Quote: This tab allows you to add Default Note, Quote E-mail Templates and also to customize the Terms and Condition.

Dispatching & Messaging: This tab allows you to set the dispatch-related settings.

Invoice: This tab allows you to set the invoice-related information and settings

GPS Integration Tab:

Lease Hauler: This tab is visible if the Lease Hauler(sub-contractor) feature is enabled on your tenant. It allows you to set LH rate related settings and also to set “Thank you for trucks template” Template

Time and Pay: This tab helps you to set driver pay related settings.

Trux: This tab will be displayed only if “Import Trux Earnings” is enabled on the tenant. It allows you to import Trux earnings to the application.

Luck Stone: This tab will be displayed only if “Importing Luck Stone Earnings” is enabled for the tenant. This feature allows you to import the Luck Stone Earnings records to the application. 

Fuel: This tab provides a way to configure fuel surcharge settings and calculations.

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