Tickets via Schedule

If you are using the “Driver app”, tickets are getting created automatically as a load is dispatched. If drivers aren't using the driver app, you can assign the truck to a job and then add a ticket from the menu item on the job as shown below or via the "Tickets by Driver" screen. The "Tickets by Driver" screen is the recommended way to add the tickets as it offers more capabilities.

There is a “Dispatching & Messaging” setting “Hide ticket controls in driver app” that determines when the ticket information gets added. If this checkbox is checked, the ticket controls aren’t visible in the driver app, so the ticket info has to be added after the fact by the back office. Since placeholder tickets are created automatically, the entire ticket doesn’t need to be entered. The back-office staff will match the paper tickets with the digital placeholder ticket and enter the missing information. They can do this based on the truck and the time of the load.

When the “Hide ticket controls in driver app” checkbox is unchecked, the driver can enter the ticket information. The back office will still need to check for the correct and missing values.

If you need to add tickets, you should do so from the "Tickets by Driver" screen. This screen is sorted so that if you have a list of tickets for a driver, you can step through and enter or validate these tickets by the driver and then job.

Clicking on the ticket menu item, as shown above, will display the “Add or Edit Tickets” dialog shown below. If there are numerous tickets for this order, they will display here. If you are missing a ticket, you can add a new one using the “Add” button.

If you aren’t using the “Driver App”, place-holder tickets won’t get created and you’ll have to add all of the tickets using the add button or an import option.

    Tickets via schedule

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