Free Fleet Management Software

Dump Truck Dispatcher is cloud-based software to streamline operations for aggregate hauling companies. For a limited time, we are providing free subscriptions to qualifying hauling companies. The free functionality includes the modules for:
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Driver management

The driver management functionality allows you to track contact information about your drivers as well as

  • CDL license type, license date, and CDL expiration date
  • DOT physical date and next due date
  • Motor vehicle review (MVR) date and MVR expiration date

All of these due dates are then displayed in a way that makes it easy for you to follow-up with your drivers to keep them in compliance.

A proactive preventive maintenance system is a federal requirement for commercial trucks. In addition, it can:

  • Extend vehicle lifetime
  • Reduce the chance of costly repairs
  • Reduce the lost revenue that occurs when a truck is out of service
  • Increase fleet uptime
  • Reduce accidents and legal costs associated with accidents resulting from inadequate maintenance
There are 3 main parts to the maintenance module:
  • Services – this is where you define the services that need to be conducted
  • PM Schedule – the preventive maintenance schedule is where you assign the service to a truck and set the due date, mileage, or engine hours.
  • Work Orders – the work order is where you schedule the services and repairs. This is where you would specify the technician that will be doing the work and where you can track the expenses associated with the work.

Fill out the form below to request to use Dump Truck Dispatcher for free

Free Dump Truck Dispatcher Request
Following are several of the screens you will have access to.


The following image shows the form where you can define the various services that you will perform on the trucks and the recommended interval and warning. Behind that form is the searchable and sortable list of services.
Service Detail form

Preventive Maintenance Schedule

The following image shows the preventive maintenance list. Notice how they are color-coded so you can easily see what is due and what is overdue. The red PMs are overdue while the yellow entries are within the normal service window.
Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Work Orders

You can create maintenance work orders and assign them to the techs. If you send your vehicles out for maintenance, you can also track that here. You can log the expenses associated with the various repairs.
Work Orders List

Driver Qualification File Management

Stay on top of your drivers’ contact info, DOT physicals, licenses, and motor vehicle reviews (MVR). The following image shows how you can see at a glance the status of each of these DOT requirements. A red circle is overdue, yellow is due in 30 days, and green is not due for at least 30 days.
driver list with qualifications
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