How do you stack up?

Take this quiz to see how efficiently you run your operations compared to other aggregate hauling companies

How you do your accounting?
Do you have a GPS platform to track and monitor your trucks?
Which GPS/Telematics functionality do you use?
Do you have dashcams installed in the trucks?
How do you create your quotes
How do you manage your orders?
How do you get dispatches to your drivers?
How do you manage your tickets?
How do you track your drivers' time?
How do you track preventive maintenance on your trucks?

A name and email address is not required to get recommendations on how you can improve your operations. If you would like us to send you the summary results of the quiz once we have sufficient data, we'll need your name and email address. The summary results will allow you to see how you compare to others in the industry. If you provide your email, you will also be eligible for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your results and get prioritized recommendations.

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