Ticket List

Added a “Revenue” column to the “Ticket List”.

Added an “Order Date” column to the Ticket list so it now shows both Ticket Date and Order Date. This allows you to see when they differ such as in a pre-load.


Added the ability to download a zip file with all the ticket images. This is accessed via the menu for a specific invoice on the “Invoice List”.

Menu option for downloading ticket images

Added service date column to QuickBooks iif file so that each line item will have a service date when imported into QuickBooks.

Driver App

The geocoordinates are now being passed to the "Driver app" when a pin is dropped for a location. This will allow you to deal with cases without an address or where the address doesn’t show correctly on the map.


Made changes to improve the reliability of the nightly sync of the GPS mileage.

Changed driver name format to be {LastName}, {FirstName} on the driver pay statements.

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Version 2.2.11 of Dump Truck Dispatcher has numerous scheduling and ticket management improvements. It also includes a lease hauler (sub-contractor) statement and a change to how lease hauler rates are entered.

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