General Settings

General Tab

The General Tab will allow you to add company Name, Time Zone, Default map location, and multiple E-mail Templates. It will also allow you to enable shifts on your tenant. If you enable the “user defined field1”, then you will see an additional text box on the “Order Detail” page. The value entered into the text box (e.g.: spectrum no.) will be shown in the “Order Detail” view. Enabling the “allow associating tickets with order items” option will allow you to add tickets for order lines (through schedule page or from within the orders). If it is not enabled, then you can only enter actual amounts for the order lines by using the receipts.

If you are entering tickets without first scheduling the truck on a job then you should check the “Don't validate driver and truck assignments on tickets” checkbox. Otherwise if you are using the scheduling functionality then it should be left unchecked so the system will require you to select a truck and driver that were assigned to the job.

To print the driver names on order reports, the checkbox “show driver names on printed order” should be checked.

If you are using the multi office feature on your tenant then you will see the “Split billing by offices” checkbox on general tab. In order to use the multi-office functionality, you’ll have to have the feature turned on. If you enable this checkbox then you will not be able to see other offices tickets.


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