Resources for Aggregate Haulers

Articles to help aggregate haulers run their businesses more efficiently and profitably

Streamline Your Sub-Contractor Onboarding Process

Do you use lease haulers or sub-contractors? How do you get them to sign your contract, and provide company and insurance information? If you do this like most companies, you ...

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Most Hauling Companies Fail This Audit - Do You?

What is the difference between the most successful hauling companies that are growing and the typical hauling company? The most successful companies have excellent processes that support their ability to provide excellent service to their customers. They have ...

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A Free Version of Dump Truck Dispatcher

Do you have trouble keeping up with when your drivers' CDL is up for renewal? Have you done the annual Motor Vehicle Review (MVR)? Have your drivers completed their DOT physicals?

What about your trucks, when are your licenses and insurance due?

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5 Ways Technology Can Improve Customer Service

Most aggregate hauling companies are not taking advantage of technology to improve their customer service. If your company implements these 5 ideas, you will stand out from the other hauling companies. This advantage can be marketed and will result in happier customers that do more business with you.

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Insurance considerations for a Dump Truck Operation

When you own a dump truck business, you might begin to think, am I protected properly with my insurance? As an owner, not only do you need to protect the people and equipment, but more importantly you need to protect the business. The right insurance for the dump truck industry, depending on operational scope may include:

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5 Things That Cost Hauling Companies More than they Realize

Disjointed operational systems Not having a streamlined operational and billing process can cost you in many ways. The following are just a few of the ways. Lack of a good preventive maintenance program. Your preventive maintenance system (PMS) shouldn’t be a paper-based system, as they are hard to keep up with. You will likely get […]

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11 Ways to Improve Your Profits

While the economy may be booming with lots of new construction, it is important to keep an eye on your numbers to ensure that you are maximizing your profits. If the influx of new business is stretching your dump truck service company to the limits, now may be the time to look at implementing new […]

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Streamlining Your Dispatching Process

How do you start your day at the office? Is it with a cup of coffee in hand, sifting through e-mails, preparing for the day’s business? You ask yourself, which e-mail was it, that had the information for that order you are supposed to dispatch this morning? You scroll through, opening at least three irrelevant […]

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Calculating the Cost of Starting a Dump Truck Hauling Company

Will investing your life’s savings into owning and operating a dump truck service company pay off? Owning a dump truck company can be challenging. The operating costs can be high and fluctuate with the price of fuel. Dump trucks average 5 to 6 miles per gallon, so any slight increase in the price of fuel can cut into your profit margins. This article will provide you with basic start-up costs associated with starting a dump truck company.

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Choosing a Tire Pressure Monitoring System for your Dump Truck

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), when used properly, can save fuel, increase tire life, and improve safety. Previous work by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, documented the effects of improperly inflated tires. This article covers these issues and how TPMS can reduce your expenses.

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