Quotes List

The "Quotes List" shows a list of quotes and provides a means for adding new quotes. You can add a new quote by clicking on the "Add New" button. However, you shouldn't create a quote this way if the quote is for a project like a DOT project where you might have to create quotes for different general contractors. 

In the right column of every row is a button with an ellipsis (...). Clicking on one of these buttons will show you menu options for "Edit", "Inactivate", and "Delete". Clicking on "Edit" opens the "Add/Edit Quote" view so you can edit the associated quote.

Add/Edit Quote

The "Add/Edit Quote" view is used to add or edit a quote. Shown below is it showing for a newly added quote. In addition to being able to add and edit a quote, this view also has several buttons at the top to allow copying the quote, printing the quote, and emailing the quote.

Print Quote

When you click the “Print Quote” button on a quote, you will get a quote printed that looks like the quote below. If the person that created the quote has uploaded their signature to their profile, it will be displayed on the printed quote.

Quote History

Shows a list of the changes to quotes that have been printed or sent to a customer. This allows you to know which quotes you might need to follow up with the customer. Clicking the ellipsis button will show the menu of options for the associated quote will open the associated quote.

A nightly process will run to set the projects and quotes to inactive when this date has passed. Inactive quotes will not be displayed in the list of quotes that can be associated with an order.

Quote History

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