Time and Pay Settings

This tab allows you to set your settings related to pay, including the default time tracking method. The default time classification will be automatically shown on the Pay tab of the “Driver” view. The production pay-related checkboxes are only displayed if the feature for production pay is turned on for you. You'll want this feature enabled if you pay your drivers a percent of the freight. If you need this feature and it isn't currently enabled, reach out to us via the support form.

Time and pay settings form

You must enable the “Allow Production Pay” checkbox to create Production pay-based driver pay statements. When "Production Pay" is enabled, there will be a "Production Pay" entry in the “Time Classification List”, “Order” (Add/Edit Order line), and “Driver pay” views.

The “Default to Production Pay” checkbox is enabled only if the “Allow Production Pay” checkbox is checked. Check the “Default to Production Pay” checkbox if you want this to be the default value when you create new quotes and orders.

The “Prevent Production Pay on Hourly Jobs” checkbox is enabled only if the “Allow Production Pay” checkbox is checked. Checking this checkbox will prevent you from accidentally setting an hourly job to production pay. Do not check this checkbox if you ever pay your drivers a percentage of the hourly rate you bill your customers.

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