10 Ways GPS Can Improve Hauling Operations

Reduce costs.  Save Time and Money. Improve Safety.
       GPS tracking has been an essential tool in cutting expenses from small companies to big corporations. With GPS, fleet managers can track all the vehicles in their fleets in real-time, view past location records to improve operations and utilize various data points and key insights to increase efficiency and profitability. It has truly become essential in the day-to-day operations of hauling companies. Here are the 10 ways GPS can improve hauling operations. Click any item on the list below to jump down to that section.

1.   Increase Productivity

2.   Improve Fleet Safety

3.   Reduce Cost

4.   Improve Customer Service

5.   Reduce Theft and Unauthorized Used of Trucks

6.   Automate IFTA Reports

7.   Reduced Unplanned Maintenance

8.   Automate Payroll

9.   Legal Protection

10. Reduce Pollution

GPS tracking increases productivity by monitoring drivers' locations and activities. By utilizing the best routes and dispatching the nearest vehicles, productivity goes up because more jobs can be completed. 

GPS coupled with real-time communications can reduce the time your trucks are sitting in traffic or at the quarry. 

When a new order comes in, you'll be able to see which of your trucks is in the best position to handle this load. This will allow you to do more billable work with the same number of trucks you currently have.

GPS Showing Tracks and status
The area on the left side of the screen shows the status of each truck and the map shows the tracks of the trucks and where they are currently located.

Improve Fleet Safety

Speeding Violations
To the left is a screenshot showing the speeding violations for one driver.
If drivers know they're being monitored, they are more likely to drive safely and put less wear and tear on the vehicle. This means you’ll need fewer and less expensive maintenance and repairs.

Using GPS tracking helps to monitor where the vehicle is in case it's in need of assistance.

Fleet managers can use reports on risky and dangerous behavior such as speeding, harsh cornering, and harsh braking to train their drivers. By improving these driver behaviors, they’ll drive safer and have fewer costly accidents.

Cameras can be integrated with the system to add another level of safety and legal protection.

Reduce Costs

How often do you find out that your trucks have been sitting at the quarry waiting for another assignment? By having real-time visibility into their status, you can quickly assign them the next job. This means they aren't wasting time and gas needlessly idling.

Reports on idle time can also help address the issue of trucks being turned on and idling when they should have been turned off.  

Many of the unsafe driver behaviors such as speeding, harsh cornering, and braking, also have an impact on fuel usage. The system can provide reports on these behaviors that you can use to train your drivers.

Improve Customer Service

Office Worker Wearing a Telephone Headset
GPS tracking systems can have a direct impact on customer satisfaction. With real-time data, the dispatcher can dispatch the vehicle closest to the customer and provide the best estimate of time of arrival, making the customer more satisfied with your service.

Reduce Theft and Unauthorized Use of Trucks

You can set notifications so you are alerted when your equipment is moved from the expected location. 

Having a GPS tracker on your equipment also improves your chance of recovering the asset if it is stolen.

You can put inexpensive asset trackers on equipment other than your trucks.
Construction Site

Automate IFTA reports

IFTA Report
In the example to the left, you can see the mileage by state. Clicking the "+" will expand and show the detail.
If you work across state lines and have to fill out IFTA reports, you know what a pain it can be. Imagine how much easier it would be if the system emailed the IFTA report to your accountant so she could create your IFTA submissions.

In addition to the IFTA report, there are numerous other reports available. Reports can be scheduled and can be exported as a pdf or Excel file.

Reduce Unplanned Maintenance

Reduce unplanned maintenance since preventive maintenance notifications improve the overall condition of your fleet.

Automate Payroll

Automate payroll by using the ignition or movement of the truck as the basis for payroll.

Legal Protection

Supports drivers in legal proceedings if you have a dashcam connected to your system. In most accidents between a car and truck, the car is at fault, but without dashcam evidence, the truck is likely to be found at fault.

Reduce Pollution

With the current emphasis on pollution, for the same reasons that fuel use is reduced, so is the pollution your trucks are creating.

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