Dump truck dispatcher software streamlines operations saving you time and money!

Create and manage projects and quotes

Are you still using a paper-based system to track orders and create quotes for customers? There is an easier and more productive way! Setting up a new project or getting your bid in for a contract is fast and easy with Dump Truck Dispatcher, a cloud-based software program for dump truck businesses.

Projects allow you to create numerous quotes associated with the same project without having to enter the same data for each quote you are sending to the various vendors. You can readily track the quotes associated with the project.

Once data is entered into a quote, it can carry through to the orders with minimal data entry. This streamlines the process, reduces data entry, and results in fewer errors in pricing.

You can sort and search for projects by start date, customer name, and status.

List of quotes

Create and schedule orders

The color-coded dispatch schedule makes it easy to see at a glance the orders planned for the day, which trucks are available, and how many you will need, and which truck is assigned to an order. When the schedule is ready, send it out to your drivers via SMS text or email. You will save valuable time rather than calling each driver individually.

Dump truck dispatcher also has a multi-office capability so you can share trucks between offices. The mapping tool will show where all the job locations are so you can easily view where your fleet is going to be. This will help maximize efficiency when customers call in to add last-minute orders.

When plans change, you can easily move orders to a different day by simply choosing a menu item and selecting the new order delivery date. You also have the ability to duplicate reoccurring orders. These shortcuts increase productivity and save on labor costs. Trucking dispatch software like Dump Truck Dispatcheris designed for any size fleet. Whether you have one office or many, we can meet all your dispatching needs in one easy to use software program.

The above 10-minute video walks you through the process of creating an order and managing orders with Dump Truck Dispatcher.

Click here to learn more about the powerful scheduling functionality.

Dispatch order to the cab

Once you have scheduled your orders, they can be dispatched by clicking a single button and entering any additional instructions on the dialog. The dispatch only takes a few seconds, regardless of the number of trucks being dispatched.

Unlike most systems where you have to enter each truck and load as a dispatch, you can queue up dispatches for multiple trucks at once, saving time over the approach used by others. This semi-automated dispatching from the schedule is a breakthrough not found elsewhere in the industry.

Click here to watch the video that shows how easy it is to schedule and dispatch to multiple trucks at once.

The truck dispatch list video to the right shows the alerts you get so that you know if drivers are late to work or have not acknowledged dispatches by their start time. The red icons show you at a glance that there are issues the dispatcher needs to deal with.T

Driver application

Dispatchers spend a large portion of their day communicating with the drivers. They are giving instructions, directions, and getting feedback all day long. Without electronic dispatching, in some offices, a dispatcher averages one communication per driver per hour.

Using the dispatching functionality built into Dump Truck Dispatcher and the “Driver App”, the majority of these discussions won’t be needed. This will cut the time you spend talking to drivers, sending SMS or emails, and making phone calls by over 70%.

The video to the right will give you an idea of what the driver sees and how they interact with the driver app.

The driver application will allow your drivers to:

Processing invoices

Once tickets are in the system, regardless of whether they were entered via the driver on the driver app or by the back-office, the tickets can be used to generate an invoice for every customer with tickets.

Instead, you can create multiple invoices in seconds by selecting all the tickets you want to invoice and clicking the invoice button as shown in the short video to the right.

Next, you print and mail or you email the invoices to your customers.

Vehicle Maintenance

Keep your fleet compliant and in good working condition by creating a good preventive maintenance schedule. This module allows users to easily see which trucks are due for service, and which ones that will be due shortly. This feature allows setting alerts for certifications and scheduled maintenance.

 Having a tool that keeps track of the costs associated with services and repairs will allow you to see which trucks are costing the most to run. 

 Gone are the days of putting stickers on the windshield, or keeping track in a book. 

The dashboard also shows what trucks are out of service so the dispatcher can plan for that. Regular visibility into, and tracking of out of commission trucks also keeps the focus on this metric. This leads to an increased utilization of your fleet.

Maintenance Status