Pricing for Annual Contract

See bottom for month to month pricing


For the typical single office hauling company with limited use of subcontractors


per month

Minimum of $100/month


For the organization that wants it all; especially if they use numerous subcontractors

$20/ truck

per month

Minimum of $200/month


For the larger organization with special needs. Start with our standard functionality and have it customized to your exact needs. This is much cheaper than starting custom development of an application from scratch. Schedule a time on our calendar to discuss how much customization would be needed.

* For desktop apps that allow imports, we will provide an export file in the correct format. For popular SaaS accounting systems such as QuickBooks Online, we’ll upload the data via their API.

** Based on a credit system. Each month you get 20 credits per internal truck you have subscribed. Talk with us to find out more about this if it is of interest.

*** Requires a setup fee depending on the payment processor

The above prices are based on an annual contract paid up front. If you want to pay month to month, there will be a setup and training fee equivalent to 20% of the annual contract.