5 Ways Technology Can Improve Customer Service

Most aggregate hauling companies are not taking advantage of technology to improve their customer service. If your company implements these 5 ideas, you will stand out from the other hauling companies. This advantage can be marketed and will result in happier customers that do more business with you.

Have you shopped on Amazon.com? If so, think about the experience. It is an excellent example of logistics. We’ll step through some of what makes so many people shop at Amazon and how that applies to your hauling operation

Online Ordering

First, Amazon.com requires you to order online. While I’m not suggesting that you only take orders online, offering this will draw certain individuals who prefer this method of ordering. This is especially true of millennials who are making up a larger portion of your customers.

Another advantage of allowing your customer to order online is that it reduces the workload of your dispatcher. Taking an order on the phone takes several minutes. During this time, a truck could be sitting while the dispatcher is tied up. When an order is entered online, the dispatcher isn't interrupted and can deal with it when things slow. It also saves the dispatcher the time it takes to enter the order.

Order Status

Second is the ability to view order status. Some people don’t want to repeatedly bother you for a status update on when their aggregate is being delivered. Instead, if they can check online, many will do so. This also means fewer calls to interrupt your dispatcher. Being able to see the status gives them the confidence that their order has been scheduled and a general idea of delivery time.

Delivery Notifications

Delivery notifications are similar to status updates. The difference is that for the status updates, the customer would pro-actively visit a website to find the status. On the other hand, delivery notifications are sent to the customer. For example, these notifications could be sent via email or SMS when the truck is en route or within a certain distance of the job site. Or maybe the notification would be to let the customer know that their aggregate had been delivered.

Multi-channel Communications

While old school customers may prefer the phone, many people prefer digital communications such as SMS, email, or chat. If you add the ability for interacting via phone, SMS, chat, and email, you will meet most preferences. If all digital communications come to a central location, it will be much easier and quicker for the dispatcher to prioritize and manage them.

System to improve delivery performance

The typical hauling operation still manages its orders on paper and the dispatcher’s brain. With this approach, it is easy for things to fall through the cracks or for orders to be delayed because of system inefficiencies.

Having a software system that aids in order management, scheduling, and dispatching will reduce the delays and chance of mistake. It also allows others to help when things are chaotic or the dispatcher is out.

In summary

By implementing appropriate technology, your dump truck operations can run more smoothly, making your customers happier. This gives you a marketable advantage that you can leverage to higher profits.

Don’t be left behind.

See how Dump Truck Dispatcher can help you with many aspects of this. If you are looking for a company that can help you with the implementation of this type of system, we’d love to talk with you.

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