Invoicing Process

It is very important that the tickets are correct before invoicing or processing driver pay. Correcting them after either process is done is much more difficult than verifying they are correct in the first place.

The dispatcher should be sure that at the end of the day, all the jobs for that day have either been moved, canceled, or completed. This can also be done at the beginning of the following day. However, it must be done before the back-office tries to process invoices for the prior day.

Review the tickets using the “Tickets by Driver” screen. This should be done daily when it is fresh in everyone's mind. Trying to reconstruct what happened a week later will be more difficult.

Navigate to the Ticket List.

Set the search criteria to the desired values, including

  • Date Range
  • Billing status unbilled

Press the “Search” button.

Before invoicing, check the following on the “Tickets List.”

  • Check for missing tickets.
  • Check for duplicate tickets.
  • Check for missing tickets by selecting the ticket status of "Missing Tickets." If there are any, they must be corrected before continuing.
  • Check that all tickets have been verified. To do this, select the ticket status of "Unverified." Press "Search" and see if you have any tickets displayed. If there are any, they need to be corrected before invoicing. 
  • Sort by Quantity and scroll down through the quantity to see if any values look out of the ordinary. Usually, the issues will be at the high and low ends.
  • Sort by UOM and scroll down through the quantity to see that they look reasonable for the specified UOM.
  • Sort by amount and scroll through the list looking for $0 or outrageous amounts. Correct those amounts by fixing either the rate, quantity, or UOM.
  • Click the checkbox at the top left corner of the datatable to select all the tickets. You can select individual tickets by checking the checkbox to the left of the desired rows.
  • Click the "Invoice" button to invoice the selected tickets.

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