Release 2.4.10


The main purpose of this release was to provide more flexibility for those using a multi-office configuration. 


When a truck finished an hourly dispatch, the job was automatically marked as done. This was changed to automatically mark the truck as done on the job if there wasn’t another hourly dispatch for that same truck on that job. 

There are cases where every “Run until stop” load is displaying the notification that the driver has completed their load. This has been corrected to only show the notification when the driver specifies that they are done with the job. 


Added make and model to the truck list. 

Add license plate to subcontractor trucks. 

Multi-Office Configuration 

The schedule and any other screen with the office as a search criteria was changed to make the office optional. This allows you to see the data for individual offices or to see the data across all offices at the same time.  

Each office can have a different logo that can be specified at the office level. If no logo is specified for an office the logo specified in the settings will be used on all the reports such as invoices, quotes, and work orders. 

With this new ability to see all orders across all offices on the schedule, we removed the sharing of trucks and orders. You can schedule trucks form different offices on an order. 

Added ‘Truck Office’ and ‘Driver Office’ to the ticket export for multi-office. 

Pay Drivers a Load Rate 

We were asked to provide a way to pay driers a load-based rate rather than a percent of the freight. Under the “Time and Pay”. See the spec at Allow Paying Drivers a Load.docx. Once the feature is included in the build, take some screenshots and explain how it works.  

Invoice Export Files 

Changed the SBT export to include the load at and deliver to location addresses as separate values. 

Driver Activity Report 

Added information to the report so it is a better indicator of what the driver accomplished on the specified date. 


Added license state to driver status tab. 

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