Release Notes 2.4.17 

Since the release notes didn't get updated before the emergency update last week, it is included here in these release notes. You may have noticed some of these previously.

Quotes and Orders 

  • Added the ability to specify truck/trailer category and bed type on quotes, orders, and jobs if the general setting of "Allow specifying truck/trailer categories on quotes and orders" is enabled.

Quotes and Order 

Dispatch Changes 

  • Added a TruckCode token to the list of tokens available for sending via SMS with the dispatches. 
  • Fixed some errors from the PWA driver app when an OrderLineTruck assignment record is deleted. This may have caused some of the driver apps to hang periodically. 

Employee Time 

It was possible for someone to add a start date time and end date time far enough apart that they could cause overflow errors. We are now validating to ensure that any edits to the dates are within the past year and no further out than 30 days.  


  • Added an icon to indicate if you have added the appropriate number of trucks to the schedule. 
  • Those with the general setting of "Allow specifying truck/trailer categories on quotes and orders" enabled, will see the type of truck required for the job and can filter the jobs and trucks by the category. 


  •  Added a count of the number of trucks selected on the “Assign Trucks” dialog. 

Assign Trucks

  • By default, the sold trucks aren’t being displayed on the truck list. A checkbox has been added to include the sold trucks. 
  • Added a “Status” filter to the “Quotes List”. 

Tickets by Driver 

Added validation to saving the ticket number to warn the user that they just entered a potential duplicate ticket. We don’t prevent this from happening, so it is up to the clerk to verify that the number is correct and change it if it isn’t. 

Ticket List 

  • Added PO as a search criteria to the Ticket List. This will allow you to easily see the total amount of material loaded for a PO. 
  • Added Order.Directions, OrderLineTruc.DriverNote, and Order.PONumber columns to the ticket list export function. 

Invoice Changes 

  • Cleared the search criteria for the invoice list screen when the list of invoices is a batch of invoices just created from the ticket list. 
  • Allowed clerk to send invoices from any office without belonging to that office. 
  • Added an office dropdown to invoice details if you are set up for multiple offices. 
  • Allowed editing taxable and fuel surcharge on invoice lines. 
  • Allowed editing the ticket office on invoices. This can be used when the order is created under the wrong office. 
  • Fixed issues with IIF file rounding that wasn’t matching QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Changed invoice export files to put the specified fuel surcharge at the bottom even if it isn’t an autogenerated value. 
  • Added an approval process to the invoicing workflow for those that have a multi-step approval process.  

PWA Driver App Changes 

  • Prevent two items from the ticket data table from saving at the same time possibly causing duplicate tickets.
  • Cleaned up some logic related to the handling of tickets with the added dispatching settings.
  • Show a modal dialog on the driver app when a dispatch is canceled.
  • Changed the behavior of the required ticket functionality when the “Require Tickets” setting is checked. Instead of requiring the ticket to be entered prior to moving to the delivery screen, it is required to move to the next dispatch.
  • Added the contact to the screen if one is defined for the job. 

Performance Improvement 

  • Converted to a 64-bit application to allow the application to access more memory.  
  • Caching the logo so it isn’t looked up every time it is needed. 


  • Fixed error on importing data from Samsara. 
  • Fixed InvalidOperationException when null list passed to HasExceptions. 





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