This release was a minor one due to the holidays. It consists of a few changes to the user interface and some bug fixes, code cleanup, and performance enhancements.

Added contact" to the "Add job" view.

If you have contacts associated with a customer, you can add them to the job, as shown in the image below.

New controls to show the customer contact on a job

Add quote line item while creating order.

If you were creating an order and discovered that the item you wanted to add to the order wasn’t on the quote, you had to close the order and navigate to quotes. After adding the item to the quote, you could create the order with the desired line item.

This new approach allows you to stay on the order and add the line item to the quote and then to the order.

New button to add items to a quote

Changed the QuickBooks export sort order for invoices.

When exporting data to QuickBooks Desktop, the invoice items weren’t being sorted. The invoice items are now sorted the same as the reports and will put the fuel surcharge at the bottom of the file.

Create a csv export of the schedule.

There is a new “Export Schedule” menu option at the top of the schedule. Clicking that menu option will create an export file with all open job assignments. We are evaluating whether we should only show the jobs for the schedule date or leave it as all open job assignments. If you have a preference, please let us know what it is.

Menu to export schedule csv file

It creates a CSV export file that looks like the image below.

CSV Export file of schedule

Jobs missing tickets report.

Companies with a lot of tickets have trouble determining if they have entered tickets for all the jobs on their schedule. This report will show all jobs with no tickets. While it does as the name suggests, it doesn’t check to see that each driver that is assigned to the job has tickets. In the next release we will change it to identify all trucks assigned to a job that don’t have tickets for the day.

For this report to be useful, you need to be good about canceling any canceled jobs, removing trucks that didn’t work the job, and moving any jobs that were rescheduled.

Don't show rate info on add the “New item from quote” dialog

The “Add New” dialog previously always gave the ability to add a rate at the bottom of the dialog. We have changed it so that when adding a new item (one not in your products/services list) from a quote the “Add Rate” section is hidden.

The below image shows how this dialog appears when opened from the order. This is how it used to look from the quote.

Add product from order

Below is how it looks in the current version when opened from the quote.

Add new product/service from quote

Hide Organization Unit tab on the "Add User" view

Since Organization Units weren’t being used, we hid them to avoid confusion.

Sync inactivation between the user and the driver entities

Users and drivers have independent values for whether or not they are active. Often, when inactivating a driver, you will want the associated user inactivated and vice-versa. We made changes that will prompt you and ask if you want the other inactivated as well, so you don’t have to change it in two places.

Web-based Driver app

In cases where the driver app had one time zone set in the tenant, and the device had a different time zone, the time might be off by the difference in time zone. We changed it to use the device time zone.

We heard that the driver app was hanging after completing some actions. This was due to excessive data being synced when the driver wasn’t logging out when done for the day. We added some logic to clear out the unnecessary data so it wouldn’t be included in the sync process.

Previously, we only included the data we thought was needed for the specific leg of the route the driver was on. For example, we didn’t show the “Deliver To” on the load screen and would display that after the “Loaded” button was clicked. We changed that to show the important information on all screens.

We added a check for drivers working more than 12 hours. This was to allow them to fix their time when they forgot to clock out on a previous day and the clock continued running.

The drivers can copy and paste the locations into a mapping app that is different from the default one. Many iPhone users were copying this location into Google maps and this approach makes the copying of the address easier.

Improved the logic for determining that a driver wasn’t logged in and redirecting them to the login page sooner.

Code Cleanup and performance optimization

Below are a few technical tasks we did that you probably don’t care about.

  • Changed the way we handle and store notifications. This will reduce the load on the database and increase performance.
  • Cleaned up the naming of some namespaces.
  • Made the ImportReader implement IDisposable. This should improve memory usage.
  • Cleaned up miscellaneous JavaScript errors and warnings. They weren’t causing any noticeable issues.

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