Release 2.4.11

New Customer Portal

The “Customer Portal” allows you to give your customers access to view their invoices and tickets. This is an add-on feature that we will likely charge a small amount for in the future. For now, anyone on the Pro plan can use it for free for at least the remainder of their current subscription. All we ask in return is that you give us feedback.

If you are interested in this functionality, send an email to [email protected] asking to have this feature enabled.

Click here to view the documentation for this new customer portal functionality 

Ticket Export

Added the following data to the ticket export. These columns will allow you to tie the tickets to pay statements, receipts, and invoices.

  • Customer Number
  • Driver pay % – if production pay is enabled on the tenant.
  • EmployeeId
  • Driver Pay – if production pay is enabled on the tenant
  • InvoiceNumber
  • ReceiptId
  • TicketId

Added rounding of the driver pay for each ticket. It is now rounded to 2 places. Previously, this wasn’t rounded, so there could be a few pennies difference when the items were added together and then rounded.

Revenue Calculations

Changed the “Revenue Breakdown by Truck Report” to be filtered based on the ticket date instead of the order date. The “Revenue Breakdown by Truck”, all the dashboard components, and the “Revenue Analysis” use the ticket date for filtering the tickets. They should all match as far as the freight and material values are concerned. The “Revenue Breakdown By Order” may be slightly different because of the use of the order date.

Pay Statement Generation

On copying orders, we added logic to copy the freight rate to the freight rate to pay the driver when the “Allow specifying driver pay rate different from freight rate” setting is checked. This could have caused problems in very rare circumstances. To date, it has not impacted anyone and was caught during testing.

Tickets by Driver Screen

 Added a LH Rate (Lease Hauler Rate) to the Lease Haulers Driver-Order line block. Previously, you had no way of knowing if this value was missing from this screen.

Delivery Report

Previously, we didn’t make it obvious that a ticket date differed from the delivery date on the report. We now display the date along with the time.

Vehicle Maintenance Work Order Print Out

We added a report to allow the printing of a Vehicle Maintenance Work Order.

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