Release 2.4.12

The purpose of this release was mainly to test security and upgrade any weaknesses found. 

  • Added a Vehicle Work Order Cost Report to allow you to see a list of maintenance on the vehicles and the cost associated with the maintenance. 
  • Added a new Pay Statement template to add the Ticket Number, and the Unit of Measure. This new template is displayed in landscape mode. By default, your tenant will use the existing portrait layout without the added columns. If you want the new template, you can change it via “Driver Pay” settings. 
  • Added an Order Id column to the invoice export. 
  • Added a Job Summary View. This view will provide a summary of the current status of the job, and will show cycle times, load and delivery times, and ticket information related to the job. This feature isn't enabled by default. If you want it enabled, let us know.


Release 2.4.12

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