Release 2.4.13

Auto-generate Ticket Numbers

Previously the driver must click the plus sign if they want the system to automatically generate a ticket number. Some companies that bill primarily based on time may use this functionality a lot. To make this easier for the drivers at those companies, we added 2 system settings to the dispatching tab when “Driver application” is selected for "Dispatch via"

  • "Auto-generate ticket numbers" checkbox
  • "Disable ticket number on driver app" checkbox

The "Disable ticket number on driver app" checkbox is not visible unless the "Auto-generate ticket numbers" checkbox is checked.

The ticket number control in the driver app is disabled when the driver is using the PWA driver app and the "Auto-generate ticket numbers" checkbox is checked. The plus sign will still toggle the enabled state of the ticket number text box.

Autogenerate Tickets setting

The driver app will not display the "plus" button next to the ticket number control if the "Disable ticket number on driver app" checkbox is checked. This will prevent the driver from enabling the ticket number text box to add a ticket number. All ticket numbers will be automatically generated.


When a ticket file was generated from the invoice screen, the file had some columns that you might not want your customer to see or that were meaningless to them. We removed those columns. We removed the following columns from the export:

  • Revenue
  • Freight Rate
  • Material Rate
  • Freight Amount
  • Material Amount
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • Price Overriden
  • Billed
  • Imported
  • Verified
  • Production Pay
  • Statement

Added the ability to print/view an internally generated ticket on the “Ticket List” and “Tickets by Driver” screens. You will be able to print these tickets the same way as an image uploaded via the driver app.

Web Based Driver App

Changed all dispatch screens on the PWA Driver App to show both the “Load At” and the “Deliver To” locations.


Stopped clocking drivers out at midnight.

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