Release 2.4.14

Main Application


Added a setting to allow showing the load count on hourly dispatches. This setting enables a control on the PWA Driver App and our new yet unreleased native Driver App to allow the drivers to enter the number of loads they delivered. SettingsLoadCount


Previously, when an order was created from a quote, the “Load At” was locked to the “Load At” value from the quote. We changed that to allow the “Load At” value to be edited on the order. If the “Load At” is changed on an order and that order is copied, the “Load At” value from the copied order is used and not the quoted value.

The implications of this are that you can add a quote without a “Load At” or a “Deliver To” address. Later, you can create an order using this line item from the quote if the price and UOM are correct. This will be especially useful for hourly jobs where you have quoted an hourly rate and don’t want to create a line item for every “load at” and “deliver to” address.

Ticket List

Added the “Load Count” to the “Tickets List” and the export from the “Tickets List.”

Load Count under Tickets view

This value can be edited on the “Ticket Detail” form.


Load Count under Tickets edit view

Tickets by Driver

Added the “Load Count” to the “Tickets by Driver.” The value can be edited in the table with the ticket data.

Load Count feature under Tickets by Driver display.

A new feature has been incorporated allowing the Driver to add pertinent Notes regarding the order/dispatch that could potentially impact billing. These Notes may include information on Tolls, Waits, Availability to Accept Load, and other details required by the Billing department.

These Driver Notes can be accessed in the Tickets by Driver via the icon designated by the red arrow in the image below. The designated icon will be hidden if there is no Note associated with the Order.

NOTE: This note is displayed similar to the Dispatcher Internal note, but in a different color.

Driver Notes are in red and icon is removed when there is no note.  


  • We fixed the menu screen so the bottom Administration menu item wasn’t being cut off by the footer.
  • In some situations, on the Driver Pay generation, the system checked sub-contractor/lease hauler drivers for a pay rate and gave a message. This has been fixed.
  • Hid the "Add New" button from the "Ticket List." Tickets should be added via the “Tickets by Driver” or via the menu on a job on the schedule.
  • The “Number of Trucks” column on the “Order List” showed too many decimal places. We reduced it to show two decimal places.

PWA Driver App

  • Added the ability to add a load count.

  • A "Load Count" text box is displayed on the "Add Ticket" screen when the "Allow load count on hourly jobs" is enabled and the Job is an hourly job. The load count is optional.

    NOTE: This new feature is hidden when the "Allow load count on hourly jobs" setting in Dispatching and Messaging is disabled.
Driver App showing Add Note button on an IOS device.

  • Added a button “Add Note” under the “Loaded” button. Selecting the “Add Note” button will pop up a dialog box for Drivers to add relevant Note on the Order / Job that could impact billing. A Note is allowed to have up to 255 characters and edited until Delivered.
Driver App showing Add Note button on an IOS device.

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