Added the ability to change the driver of a truck for a previous date from the truck block.

Allowed editing the Lease Hauler driver assignment from the truck block.

Allowed removing non-embedded lease haulers from the schedule. In other words, if you added a lease hauler truck to the schedule for a day, they can be removed.


Added an “Invoice Number” column to the list.

Cached the Invoice search criteria for the session so that when you leave the screen and return, it will retain the last search.

Added a new “Printed” status instead of automatically setting the status to “Sent”.

On manually added invoices the Item name was not displayed in the description column on some of the invoices. This has been fixed.

Counter Sales

Added the ability to have some users in the organization to use counter sales and others to not use the counter sales settings.

In the previous version, when the “Allow Counter Sales” setting was checked, there were several options. These were moved to the user to allow some users to use the counter sales mode and others to operate without the counter sales settings. When the “Allow counter sales” setting is checked, there will be an option under user settings for “Allow Counter Sales”. When this is checked, there will be various defaults you can specify as shown in the below image.


Added an “Add” button to the menu. This button allows you to add jobs, orders, and quotes without first having to go to the associated list view.

New Add Button

Driver Pay

Added the ability to pay the driver based on a different freight rate than what is invoiced. To turn this feature on, you’ll need to change the setting shown below under the “Time and Pay” setting tab.



Allow adding an internal driver that used to be a lease hauler.

Persist the Ticket List search criteria for the session.

Removed the limitation on editing quoted rates.


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